What Argentina is Famous for: 7 Things You Should Know

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What is Argentina famous for? Answering this question could take several blog posts, for real. However, I have decided to make a simple summary of 7 things that make Argentina so unique and that you should know.

When you learn Spanish, understanding what Argentina is known for will not only teach you some new words, but also will help you understand better the sociocultural aspects of the country.

What Argentina is famous for: 7 things you should know

The seven things Argentina is most famous for are related to sports, gastronomy, music and travel. If you are a person who enjoys spending good times with friends and family, drinking wine, hiking, sightseeing, and sharing memories, Argentina will fascinate you. 

What makes Argentina unique? 

Argentines’ unique personality (Personalidad única)

Argentinians’ unique personality is passionate, charismatic and welcoming. While we share a passion for soccer, asados, mate and dulce de leche, we are also passionate about people. Argentinians tend to be kind and friendly, traits that we inherited from the gauchos.

Do not be surprised if Argentinians treat you like a close friend as soon as they meet you for the first time. Most Argentines are outgoing and love making new friends, no matter your nationality, race or gender. 

What is Argentina’s most famous food?


Have you ever wondered why eating at an Argentinian grill anywhere in the world is so expensive? It is because our asados or “barbecues” are famous for being the best in the world. 

Thanks to our vast Pampa plains, cows in Argentina can pasture with ease. This makes their meat the most tender and delicious. 

Usually, Argentinians do not use a lot of seasoning on the meat. We eat meat with a bit of salt or chimichurri, a savory sauce or marinade made with oil and parsley. 

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Mate is an infusion traditionally prepared with yerba and hot water. Some people also drink it with sugar and/or orange, lemon or grapefruit juice. Mate is the most popular drink in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and the south of Brazil. 

South Americans drink mate anytime throughout the day, as it is a great energizer. Mate gives you energy and satiety. The favorite hour to drink mate is 5 pm, but locals also drink it in the mornings for breakfast.

Drinking mate is a social activity. Sometimes up to ten people share one mate. It is extremely common to see friends drinking mate in a circle while enjoying the afternoon sun in any city in Argentina. These types of gatherings are called “mateadas”. 


Who is a famous person from Argentina?

Soccer (El fútbol)

The one passion that unites us all is soccer. Argentinians are very passionate about “el fútbol”. You can feel the passion ten times more when La Selección, our national team, plays. 

Two famous soccer players from Argentina, Maradonna and Messi, are considered to be the best in the world history of soccer. 

Up to 2023, Argentina has won three World Cup tournaments, with the most recent in December 2022. Read more about how the passion for soccer is shaping the language here.


Argentina is the home of one of the most sensual dances in the world: el tango. Tango is both a dance and a type of music. 

The dancing is performed by a couple, usually a man and a woman, who dance very closely and sensually. As a music type, tango’s main characteristic is the use of the bandoneon as a main instrument and melancholic lyrics. 

The origins of tango happened in the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Montevideo, Uruguay. Some of the most famous tango singers or performers were Carlos Gardel, Astor Piazzolla, and Tita Merello. 

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What is Argentina known for producing?


Wine tours and wine tastings are trending right now, more than ever. Argentina is the fifth largest wine producer in the world! It has 900 active wineries (bodegas) and more than 20,000 vineyards well distributed in 19 provinces. 

For five centuries, Argentinians have been developing all sorts of wine. Our signature wine is the Malbec, originally from the province of Mendoza. The Malbec wine pairs perfectly with a good Argentine asado. 

“El vino” is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Argentina. Just like mate, it tends to be enjoyed best with a group of friends and family. If you visit Argentina, make sure to stop by a wine bar or visit a bodega with beautiful views of the Andes. 

In wine tastings you will learn words like the following:

  • barril (barrel)
  • copa (glass)
  • enología (enology)
  • fermentación (fermentation)
  • viñedo (vineyard)

Read more about Mendoza and wine tastings here.

What is Argentina most famous for?


Argentina is a large country with lots to see! Before visiting Argentina it is important to have an idea of what places to visit other than Buenos Aires. 

I always recommend visiting la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, the capital, because it is eclectic, fun and fabulous. However, make time to visit some of Argentina’s best landscapes like the Iguazu waterfalls and the Perito Moreno glacier. 

For beautiful winter scenes with snow, mountains, lakes, ancient trees, great hiking trails and glaciers, visit Patagonia. Some beautiful cities in Patagonia are: Bariloche, Calafate, Trelew, and Ushuaia. 

You can also find gorgeous landscapes with nicer weather and lots of wineries in the regions of Cuyo and Noroeste de Argentina (NOA). Visit the cities of Mendoza, Tucumán, Salta, Cafayate, and Purmamarca.  

Other fantastic places are the Iguazu falls in Misiones, the modern city of Córdoba, and my hometown, the city of Mar del Plata, “la feliz” to enjoy the beach, summer parties and exquisite gastronomy.  

Get all the Argentina travel info you need here. 

Summarizing what Argentina is known for in one word

As a conclusion, what Argentina is known for in one word is: passion. Passion for good wine, good food, good music and good times with family and friends

Argentinians show passion doing what we enjoy the most: dancing tango, cheering for our soccer team, drinking mates with friends and simply living life to the fullest. 

What Argentina is famous for: 7 things

  • 1- People’s unique personality.
  • 2- Asados.
  • 3- Mates.
  • 4 – Soccer.
  • 5- Tango.
  • 6- Wine.
  • 7- Landscapes.

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