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¡Hola! My name is Melany Di Leva and I am here to help you speak the language of your loved ones. If your goal is to understand better the Argentine Spanish variant known as «español rioplatense», keep reading. My experience teaching over 2000 Spanish lessons to travelers has shown me all the struggles Spanish students face when they come to my country. 

Why should a student focus on learning Argentine Spanish?

You should learn Argentinian Spanish if your intention is to:

  • Move to or visit Argentina
  • Have meaningful conversations in Spanish with your Argentine family and friends
  • Speak and understand your significant other’s native language (and show them you care)
  • Build a stronger relationship with your Argentine coworkers 
  • Learn the coolest Spanish variant of all and stand out from other learners
  • Stop feeling like a foreigner and be part of the Argentine community
  • Take it easy and enjoy the language learning journey
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Be an action taker! Take your first step towards fluency

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