Learning Argentine Spanish

with Melany, your native tutor.

My Exciting Journey

Humble Busser Becomes Teacher Entrepreneur

Hello student! I’m so happy you’re here! My name is Melany and I help language learners speak Argentine Spanish. I primarily teach Argentine slang and idioms, how to sound more natural and to speak Spanish with confidence.

My life is a fusion of my greatest passions: food, travel, languages, and captivating stories. The story of how I evolved into a Spanish teacher combines all these elements.

My journey began when I worked as a busser at a Mexican restaurant in the US. I was astonished to witness waitstaff being coached on the menu and pronunciation, as it contained several Spanish words they couldn’t grasp. In the kitchen, I interacted with Argentinians, Peruvians, and Mexicans, a cultural mix that made me appreciate the distinctiveness of the Argentine accent and way of speaking.

This eye-opening experience in the US inspired me to pursue teaching Spanish. Little did I know about the challenges faced by both students and instructors when delving into the often overlooked Argentine Spanish variant.

Picture of me in the United States, not long before becoming a Spanish teacher.

Meeting the Black Sheep of Spanish Variants

Helping Students Hack Argentine Spanish

In 2019, I met Ben, one of my Spanish students from the US. Our first encounter began with him saying, “Melany, I thought I could speak Spanish until I met my Argentinian girlfriend.”

Here’s Ben’s story: He’s an English speaker who fell in love with Delfina, an Argentinian, and decided to learn Spanish to connect with her and her family. As he reached an intermediate level, he soon realized that his Spanish wasn’t adequate for meaningful conversations.

Struggling to keep up with conversations with Delfina’s family and friends left Ben frustrated. Sometimes, his inability to understand led to moments of blankness, exacerbating his frustration.

The home office where I started my business. It used to be my childhood bedroom.

Transforming Struggles into Confidence

Tools and Resources for Success

To combat his frustrations, Ben made a life-changing decision: he was determined to speak the language of his loved ones. His search for a native teacher led him to Easy Argentine Spanish, my website.

By reading the blog and ebook, engaging in the Podcast membership to enhance his listening skills, and practicing verb conjugations with the VOS SOS app, Ben transformed his language skills.

With these resources at his disposal, Ben conquered his challenges. He can now enjoy jokes in Spanish, engage in meaningful conversations with his in-laws, and, most importantly, no longer feels like an outsider.

Focusing on the Argentine Spanish variant instilled confidence in Ben and replaced anxiety with excitement when meeting family and friends. Speaking Spanish is no longer a struggle for him.

Recording my first podcast episode.

My Personal Connection to the Mission

Bridging Language Gaps in a Binational Relationship

The reason behind creating Easy Argentine Spanish stems from a personal connection. My husband and I share a similar narrative to Ben and Delfina’s, as I am from Argentina, and he’s from the USA.

When we met in 2020, his Spanish skills were not yet fluent, but we managed to converse in Spanglish. His proficiency improved significantly during our five-month stay in Mexico. However, the real test came when he visited Argentina and interacted with my family.

He often told me, “It’s as if you spoke a completely different language.” What he discovered was that conversing with me, with the option to switch to English when needed, was different from engaging with several natives who didn’t speak a word of English.

This experience prompted me to establish Easy Argentine Spanish. My mission is to aid intermediate-level Spanish students who struggle to understand natives in becoming fluent Spanish speakers capable of effortlessly comprehending native speakers.

I empathize with the frustration of being unable to engage in meaningful conversations with friends and family. Moreover, I recognize the scarcity of resources for learning the Rioplatense Spanish variant.

Therefore, Easy Argentine Spanish’s main goal is to help you speak the language of your loved ones. 

Mi marido y yo en La Boca, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

About Easy Argentine Spanish

I am here to help you speak and understand better the Argentine Spanish variant known as “español rioplatense”. My experience teaching over 2000 Spanish lessons to travelers visiting or moving to Argentina has shown me all the struggles Spanish students face when they come to my country. 

You are in the right place if you want to:

  • Move to or visit Argentina
  • Have meaningful conversations in Spanish with your Argentine family and friends
  • Speak and understand your significant other’s native language (and show them you care)
  • Build a stronger relationship with your Argentine coworkers 
  • Learn the coolest Spanish variant of all and stand out from other learners
  • Stop feeling like a foreigner and be part of the Argentine community
  • Take it easy and enjoy the language learning journey.