Muscular: Spanish Slang for Musculoso

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Is morrudo the word for muscular? Spanish slang 

Morrudo/a is the slang for “musculoso/a”, which means “muscular”.  Muscles in Spanish are «músculos».


How do you say muscular in Spanish

Muscular in Spanish is “musculoso/a” but you can also say “morrudo/a”.

How frequently is this word used? 

Medium frequency word. Argentinians use this word more often than “musculoso”.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Mi pitbull es bien morrudo”.
  • “Es una mujer alta y morruda”.
  • “Me gustan los hombres más morrudos”.
  • “No me gustan las mujeres morrudas”. 
  • “Mi amiga es más morruda que yo”.
  • “Este perrito va a ser morrudo”.
  • “Es alto, fachero y morrudo”.
  • “¿Te gustan las mujeres morrudas?”.
  • “¡Qué morrudo!”. 

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

Other synonyms for “morrudo/a” are fornido and robusto.

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