3 Phrases to Say Merry Christmas in Spanish Like an Argentinian

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As the holiday season approaches, wishing a Merry Christmas in Spanish in the local language adds a touch of warmth and authenticity to your interactions. When it comes to expressing holiday greetings, Argentinians tend to repeat a series of simple phrases that encapsulate the joy and spirit of the season. 

In this blog post, we’ll explore three essential phrases to wish a Merry Christmas in Spanish like an Argentinian. Additionally, we’ll see some popular Christmas messages that circulate on Whatsapp during the holiday season. Are you ready to spread holiday cheer with an Argentine flair? Let’s dive in!

3 Phrases to Say Merry Christmas in Spanish

1. ¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!:

The phrase “¡Feliz Navidad y Próspero Año Nuevo!” translates to “Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!” This comprehensive greeting encapsulates the spirit of the holiday season and extends good wishes for the upcoming year. It’s a warm and heartfelt way to wish someone a Merry Christmas and convey hopes for a bright future. Learn how to use this phrase naturally below:

  • Amigos, les deseamos una feliz Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo.
  • Que tengas una excelente Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo.
  • Ojalá tengan una muy feliz Navidad y un próspero Año Nuevo.

2. “Feliz Noche Buena”:

In Spanish, *Noche Buena* refers to Christmas Eve, which is celebrated with even more enthusiasm than Christmas Day itself. Saying “Feliz Noche Buena” is a way to wish someone a joyful and festive Christmas Eve, capturing the excitement and anticipation that this special night brings. See examples of how to use this phrase below:

  • Feliz Noche Buena. Te mando un fuerte abrazo.
  • ¡Feliz Noche Buena, amigo! Que disfrutes con tu hermosa familia. 
  • Amiga, te deseo una Noche Buena con mucha paz y amor. 

3. Felices Fiestas:

“Felices Fiestas” is a versatile and commonly used phrase during the holiday season. It translates to “Happy Holidays” and can be used to convey good wishes for the entire holiday period, encompassing both Christmas and New Year’s festivities. Learn different ways to use this phrase below:

  • ¡Felices fiestas y bendiciones para todos!
  • Todo lo mejor para vos y tu hermosa familia en esta Navidad. ¡Felices fiestas!
  • Amigo, felices fiestas para vos y tu familia. Los quiero mucho. 

Learn 15 Christmas words in Spanish!

Popular Christmas Messages on Whatsapp 

Honestly, I don’t know a single Argentinian who’s not on Whatsapp. Texting through Whatsapp is by far the most common way of communication in Argentina. With that being said, every December there are popular Christmas messages circulating on Whatsapp groups. 

These messages can be really helpful if you’re not feeling inspired to write a Christmas wish yourself, but would still like to show appreciation. You may copy these messages, maybe add a touch of your own personality to them, or just resend them to your loved ones (like most Argentinians do.) Below are some of the Christmas messages I received on Whatsapp in 2022.

2022 Very Unique Christmas Message

Read the translation here: 

“I don’t wish you a wonderful year where everything is good. That’s a magical, childlike, utopian thought. 

I wish that you find the courage to look at yourself and love yourself as you are, even if it’s just 6%. 

May you have enough self-love to fight many battles and the humility to know that there are battles that are impossible to win and not worth fighting for. 

I wish that you can accept that there are realities that cannot be changed, and others that, if you move away from complaining, you can change. 

Don’t allow the ‘I can’t’ and recognize the ‘I don’t want.’ 

I wish that you listen to your truth and speak it, fully aware that it’s only your truth, not someone else’s. 

May you face what you fear because that’s the only way to overcome it. 

Learn to tolerate the ‘black spots’ in others because you have yours too, which takes away any right to demand. 

Don’t condemn yourself for making mistakes; you’re not all-powerful. 

Grow as much and as long as you want. 

I don’t wish you happiness in 2022. I wish that you achieve happiness, no matter the reality you have to live. 

May happiness be the journey, not the destination.”

Life Menu

A Different Kind of Christmas Menu

See the translation in English below:

Life Menu


– Self-love

– Keeping promises

– Humility

– Appreciating what we have

Main Courses

– Respecting differences

– Seeing with the heart

– Believing in treasures and dreams

– Allowing for mistakes

– Listening with intent

– Paying attention to details


– Expressing gratitude

– Humor and a healthy life

After-Dinner Delights

– Having fun always

– Living for today

Christmas List

I’m definitely sticking to this list. 

Translation below:

Christmas List

  • Buy Be present 
  • Wrap gifts my loved ones in a big hug
  • Buy Donate clothes I don’t wear
  • Buy Give away food

Christmas Lesson for Spanish Class

Keep learning about Christmas traditions, vocabulary, and expressions in Spanish with this resource about “La Navidad Latina”. Click here to check it out!

Incorporating Argentine Flair into Your Greetings

In summary, using these Argentine phrases to wish a *Merry Christmas in Spanish* adds an authentic touch to your holiday greetings. Whether you’re extending wishes for a prosperous new year, joy on Christmas Eve, or a blanket of happiness throughout the festive season, these phrases capture the essence of the Argentinian holiday spirit.

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