How Do You Say Urine in Spanish?

What does «mear» mean in Spanish slang? 

How do you say urine in Spanish? Mear is the slang word in Spanish for ‘hacer pis’ or ‘orinar’, which means “to take a piss”.


How do you say urine in Spanish?

Other ways of talking about this topic::

  • How do you say pee in Spanish? It is “pis”.
  • How do you say I have to pee in Spanish? “Tengo que hacer pis”.
  • How do you say pee in Spanish slang? “Meo” as in “tengo que echar un meo”.
  • How to say urine in Spanish: orina.

How frequently is the word “mear” used? 

Medium-high frequency word. Argentinians use this word quite frequently, in informal conversations.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “El perro meó el sillón”.
  • “¡Me estoy meando!”.
  • “¡Me meo!”.
  • “La vereda está toda meada”. 
  • “El asiento del inodoro está meado”.
  • “Juan, los gatos mearon el auto”.
  • “Este bebé tiene el pañal meado”.
  • “El perro se meó de la felicidad”.
  • “¡Ay me meo de la risa! ¡Qué gracioso!”. 

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

We use the phrase “mearse de la risa” to express that something made us laugh a lot. For example, “La película era muy graciosa. Nos meamos de la risa”.  

Source: DRAE.

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