11 Spanish Words for Novice Learners Visiting Iguazu Falls Argentina

When planning a trip to the breathtaking Iguazu Falls Argentina, it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with some essential Spanish words. That way, you can enhance your experience!

The cataratas are renowned worldwide for their beauty and grandeur. Additionally, they offer visitors a glimpse into the natural wonders of South America. 

Whether you’re walking along the pasarela or marveling at the Garganta del Diablo, knowing these words will enrich your journey. Cataratas is such an spectacular destination!

11 Words for Novice Learners Visiting Iguazu Falls

1. Cataratas (waterfalls):

The Iguazu Falls Argentina is a collection of stunning cataratas that cascade down into the river below. Thus, creating an unforgettable spectacle of nature’s power and beauty.

2. Pasarela (walkway):

As you explore the cataratas, you’ll walk along well-maintained pasarelas. These offer different viewpoints and angles to admire the falls from.

3. Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat):

One of the most impressive sections of the cataratas is the Garganta del Diablo. This is the magical place where the water plunges dramatically into the abyss below, creating a mesmerizing sight.

4. Salto (waterfall drop):

Each salto within the Iguazu Falls contributes to the overall splendor and majesty of the natural wonder. I will never forget how captivating it is for visitors with its sheer force and beauty.

5. Yaguareté (jaguar):

In the surrounding selva, you may encounter wildlife such as the yaguareté. This majestic jaguar roams the dense forests of the region. If you’re lucky (or not), you might encounter one!

6. Yacaré (caiman):

Keep an eye out for the yacaré, a type of caiman native to the wetlands near the cataratas. As you embark on your excursions through the lush jungle, you might spot one.

7. Coatí (coati):

The coatí is a curious and friendly mammal often spotted roaming the park grounds. Careful with these because they’re well known for stealing food! Needless to say, but it might be a nice reminder: please do not feed them.

8. Selva (jungle):

The lush selva surrounding the Iguazu Falls is teeming with biodiversity. It offers visitors a chance to explore its rich flora and fauna through guided tours and nature walks.

9. Excursión (excursion):

Embark on an exciting excursión through the jungle to discover hidden waterfalls, exotic wildlife, and breathtaking vistas that showcase the natural beauty of the region.

10. Vista panorámica (panoramic view):

From various viewpoints, you’ll enjoy stunning vistas panorámicas of the cataratas, allowing you to fully appreciate the scale and magnificence of this natural wonder.

11. Lado (side):

Whether you’re exploring the Brazilian side (el lado brasileño) or the Argentine side (el lado argentino) of the falls, each offers its own unique perspectives and experiences, ensuring an unforgettable visit for all who venture there. In case you’re curious,, my favorite is el lado argentino because of its closeness to the Garganta del Diablo.


As you prepare for your trip to Iguazu Falls Argentina, take the time to familiarize yourself with these essential Spanish words to enhance your exploration and appreciation of this awe-inspiring destination.

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