How to Say Lazy in Spanish Slang

This is how to say lazy in Spanish slang: Fiaca

To say that we are lazy in Spanish slang we can say several things like “no tengo ganas”, “me falta energía”, “no quiero hacer nada”. However, in Argentina we say “tengo fiaca” or “me da fiaca”, which basically translate as “I am lazy” or “I feel lazy”. 

How do you say lazy in Spanish slang

In Argentina we say “tengo fiaca”, “me da fiaca” or simply “¡qué fiaca!”. Fiaca is a noun that can be translated as “laziness”.  


How frequently is this word used? 

Medium frequency word. Argentinians use this word in informal conversations mostly.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Me da fiaca trabajar hoy”.
  • “¡Qué fiaca que tengo!”. 
  • “No quiero salir, me da fiaca”.
  • “Tengo fiaca, no me quiero bañar”.
  • “¿Hay que ir temprano? ¡Qué fiaca!”. 
  • “Me da fiaca limpiar un domingo”.
  • “¡Qué fiaca me da tener que ir al banco!”.
  • “No voy a cocinar, me da fiaca. Pidamos delivery”.

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

Fiaca is a synonym of “cansancio” and “pereza”. “Pereza” is related to “perezoso”, that translated as lazy, idle and sloth. 

Source: Diccionario Argentino

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