Festichola: Another Word in Spanish for Party

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What is another word in Spanish for “party”?

In Argentina, another word in Spanish for party is “festichola”. It’s not the most commonly used word, but you can hear it every now and then when someone feels like partying. 

Spanish words for party

Other Spanish words to say party are: fiesta, fiestón, joda, parranda. 


How frequently is this word used? 

Low frequency word. Argentinians use this word occasionally. 

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Esta noche hay festichola en lo de Julia”.
  • “¡Así que hay festichola!”. 
  • “Le gustan las minas y la festichola”.
  • “El sábado tenemos festichola”.
  • “Alta festichola te mandaste”. 
  • “¿Qué hacemos? ¿Vamos a la festichola?”.
  • “¿Vas a hacer una festichola?”.
  • “¡Mirá los viejos! Están de festichola”.

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

Some definitions of the word “festichola” imply that this is an informal party that takes place at somebody’s house and people bring their own drinks. 

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