Copado: Our Argentine Spanish Word of the Week

What does «copado» mean in Argentine Spanish slang Lunfardo?  

Copado is the Argentine Spanish slang for “cool”. We use this word in moments of satisfaction, happiness, joy, etc. Therefore, this word has a possitive connotation.


How frequently is this word used?

This is a medium-high frequency word in the “Argentina language”. Argentinians use this word quite often, especially in informal conversations.

Examples of this Argentine Spanish slang word in use:

  • “Me cae bien tu hermano, es copado”.
  • “¿Te vas de viaje? ¡Qué copado!”.
  • “¡Me encanta ese programa de televisión! Es re copado”.
  • “Ayer conocí a tu amiga. Es re copada”.
  • “¡Qué copados que son tus abuelos! Me caen bien”.
  • “Anoche descubrimos un bar re copado. ¡Nos dieron tragos gratis!”.
  • “Mi profe de español no nos da tarea. Ella es una mina re copada”.
  • “Las chicas del grupo de lectura son copadas”.

Interesting facts about this word:

You can use this word to describe any person, situation or experience that you consider “cool”. Another example: “¿Así que te vas de viaje che? ¡Copado!”. If you want to say it with the pronunciation of Buenos Aires, stress the second syllable: copaaaado.


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