What is Thief in Spanish? Ladrón is Not Slang

How do you say thief in Spanish? 

Thief in Spanish can be “ladrón(a)” and “chorro/a”. Chorro is the slang word in Spanish for ladrón, which means “thief”. 


How frequently is “chorro” used? 

High frequency word. Argentinians use this quite frequently, especially when talking about insecurity and politics. 

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Los políticos de este país son todos chorros”. 
  • “La chorra esa se afanó toda la plata del Estado”.
  • “¿Seis mil pesos un libro? ¡Qué chorros que son!”.
  • “Mi perra chorra se robó las medias del cajón” 
  • “¿Te llevaste mis alfajores? ¡Chorra!”.
  • “Hay chorros en todos los barrios de la ciudad”.
  • “Se quedó sin trabajo y se hizo chorro”.
  • “¡Cuidado con los chorros!”.
  • “No voten a esa chorra cretina”. 

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

How to say thief in Spanish if they ride a motorcycle

If the thief is riding a motorcycle then we call him a “motochorro”. For example, “el motochorro le robó la cartera a mi hermana”. 

Source: DRAE

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