CHE: our Argentine Lunfardo word of the week


What does CHE mean in Argentine Lunfardo?

This is a key word for Argentine Lunfardo. It is similar to ‘HEY’ in English. It can be used in different contexts, but mostly to call other people’s attention. For example: «Che, ¿quieren ir al cine?«, which translates as «Hey, would you like to go to the movies?»

How frequently is this word used?

Che is a high frequency word. Argentinians bring up this word in almost every conversation.

Different uses of the Argentine Lunfardo word CHE

  • Call someone’s attention: Che, ¿querés ir al bar?
  • Ask how someone is doing: ¿Qué hacés, che? ¿Todo bien?
  • Scold someone: ¡Che! ¡¿Qué estás haciendo?!
  • Encourage someone to do something: ¡Dale, che! ¡Vos podés!

Other interesting facts about this word

Did you know Che Guevara’s name was actually Ernesto Guevara? He got the nickname «Che» because he was Argentinian.

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