Birra: Our Argentine Lunfardo Word of the Week

Argentine-Lunfardo-Word of the Week-birra

What does «birra» mean in Argentine Lunfardo?  

Birra is the Lunfardo slang word for cerveza, which means “beer”, in Argentina.


How frequently is this word used?

High frequency word. It’s good to know this word in case you have an informal conversation with a local about going out for a beer.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Che, ¿querés ir a tomar unas birras este sábado?”. 
  • «Qué ganas de tomar una birra bien helada».
  • «¿Tenés birra en la heladera?»
  • «¿Compramos birra?»
  • «Vamos a celebrar con una buena birra».
  • «¿No hay más birra?»
  • «La mejor birra de Argentina está en Mar del Plata».

Interesting facts about this word:

The word “birra” is the Italian word for beer. Immigrants brought this word to the Argentine Spanish slang.

Source: Diccionario de Lunfardo en línea

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