Argentine or Argentinian? 5 Unique Spanish Words for Argentina’s Citizens

When discussing the people of Argentina, the question often arises: Argentine or Argentinian? Let’s delve into this linguistic conundrum and explore five distinct Spanish words used to describe Argentina’s citizens.

In English, both terms Argentine and Argentinian are correct. But what happens in Spanish? For instance, Is it correct to refer to a woman from Argentina as “argentina”?

Spanish for Argentine or Argentinian

In Spanish, the term “argentino/a” is the most commonly used to refer to someone from Argentina. Whether in formal contexts or everyday conversations, you’ll encounter this word frequently. However, colloquially, you might come across “argento,” an informal term employed to describe Argentinians.

South American Gauchos

As part of the South American continent, Argentina’s citizens are often referred to as “sudamericanos,” emphasizing their regional identity. Additionally, the term “gaucho/a” holds historical and cultural significance, denoting the traditional Argentine cowboys who have played a vital role in shaping the country’s folklore and identity.


Moreover, residents of Buenos Aires, the capital city of Argentina, are known as “porteño/a.” This term does not represent all citizens of Argentina, since it is only used to refer to those born in “la capital”. 

Citizens from other cities or provinces

Citizens from other cities or provinces are referred to as rosarino, marplatense, cordobés, mendocino, jujeño, salteño, chaqueño, santafecino, etc. Therefore, it is important to know where a person is from. Otherwise, it is advised to use a more generic term like “argentino/a.”


In summary, whether you opt for “Argentine” or “Argentinian,” know that in English these are both correct. While in Spanish, these five words provide unique insights into the diverse ways Argentina’s citizens are referred to and identified.

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