How do you say hello in Spanish like an Argentinian?


Hola, ¿cómo estás? That’s the phrase all books for learning Spanish teach us and that’s because it’s the most common greeting in Spanish. Now, if you visit or move to Argentina you will notice that natives greet each other in so many different ways. 

For example, you might hear someone say. “¿Qué hacés, che?” And the reply to that can be “Todo bien, ¿y vos?”. Have you heard this before? 

How do you say hello in Spanish like an Argentinian?

One of my favorite Argentinian ways of saying hello is ¿Qué hacés, che? This is very informal and what it means is literally “Hey, what are you doing?”. Remember “che” is the Argentine way of saying “hey”, you can learn more about it in the WORD OF THE WEEK section of Setting aside the literal meaning of “Qué hacés che?”, you have to understand that this phrase is actually used like “Hey what’s up?”.So this is a phrase that you can use with friends and family. Although, I want you to know this for a fact: argentinians are extremely informal and tend to say phrases like this even to strangers. 

How do you say hello in Spanish slang?

Use the phrase «¿Qué onda?» This extremely informal salutation never appears in books for learning Spanish. It is mostly used with friends since it’s similar to the English «What’s up?» The answer to «¿Qué onda?» can be «Todo bien, ¿y vos?» or even «¿Qué hacés, che?» Now if you are greeting a friend that you hadn’t seen for a long time, you can say «¿Qué onda? Tanto tiempo,» which means “What’s up? Long time no see”. 

How to say hi in spanish other than hola

You’ve probably heard the greetings buenos días, buenas tardes, and buenas noches before. If you are one of those people who confuses them, I hear you. And let me be honest with you: natives confuse them all the time. ¡Siempre! However, we came up with a solution to this. Did you know you can just say BUENAS? That’s right, a simple BUENAS is enough and even sounds more natural in an informal situation. Mind this! Importante! You have to add rhythm to it and say bueeenas, stressing the first syllable. Because if you just say ‘buenas’ it doesn’t sound very friendly. 

How are you in Spanish

Another greeting that argentinians use frequently is ¿Todo tranqui? Tranqui is the short version of “tranquilo” which means ‘quiet’ or ‘cool’ in English. If everything is cool, then everything’s fine. The  phrase ¿Todo tranqui? can be translated as “Everything okay/alright?”  

How do you say hello guys in Spanish?

In Argentina you will hear phrases like “Hola, gente”, “¿Qué onda, gente?”, “¿Qué hacen, gente?”, “¿Todo bien, gente?”. The word «gente» means “people” and the best is that this is a gender neutral noun, so you are safe to say it to any group of individuals.

To sum up, here are some phrases to say hello in Spanish other than hola:

  • ¿Qué hacés, che?
  • ¿Qué onda?
  • ¿Qué onda? ¡Tanto tiempo!
  • Buenas.
  • ¿Todo tranqui?
  • Hola, gente.
  • ¿Qué hacen, gente?
  • ¿Todo bien, gente? 

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