11 Traveling Words in Spanish for Novice Learners Navigating Argentina

Are you planning to explore Argentina, but don’t know any traveling words in Spanish? If you are a novice Spanish learner, hear me out. By all means, you must learn a handful of essential traveling words in Spanish before your trip. Why? Basically, because this can make your journey a lot more rewarding (and less scary). 

When it comes to traveling, language is your key to unlocking new experiences and connecting with locals. In other words, knowing at least a couple of useful traveling words in Spanish boosts your confidence to engage in conversations with native speakers. 

In this blog post, we’ll dive into 11 must-know words that will help you navigate Spanish-speaking territories with confidence. From transportation to sightseeing, let’s discover the Spanish vocabulary for travel that will make your trip unforgettable.

Traveling Words in Spanish: Essential Vocabulary for Exploring Argentina

Spanish Verbs for Travelers

1. “Tomar” (to take):

One of the most versatile words for travelers, “tomar” refers to taking transportation. Use it to ask how to take a bus, train, or taxi, and easily navigate Argentina’s cities.

  • Voy a tomar un taxi para ir al museo. (I’ll take a taxi to go to the museum).

2. “Salir” (to go out):

Additionally, when it’s time to explore the vibrant culture and nightlife of Argentina, “salir” is your go-to verb. Use it to express the act of going out and enjoying the country’s rich offerings.

  • ¿Salimos esta noche? (Shall we go out tonight?)

3. “Subir” (to go up/get on):

Whether you’re boarding a bus or climbing a staircase, “subir” will be a handy word. Use it to express the action of going up or getting on various modes of transportation.

  • Subimos al teleférico. (We board the cable car.)

4. “Bajar” (to go down/get off):

The counterpart to “subir,” “bajar” is essential for indicating descent or getting off transportation. Master this word to ensure smooth transitions during your journeys.

  • Bajamos en la próxima parada. (We get off at the next stop.)

5. “Andar” (to walk or to go):

Exploring Argentina on foot is a delightful way to soak in its beauty. “Andar” is the verb for walking or going, allowing you to wander through cities, neighborhoods, and parks at your leisure.

  • Andá a la ciudad de Mar del Plata. (Go to Mar del Plata).

Travel Nouns in Spanish

6. “Excursión” (excursion):

To fully experience Argentina’s natural wonders and cultural attractions, consider joining an “excursión.” This word refers to a guided tour or organized trip, offering insightful exploration opportunities.

  • Me encantó la excursión de anoche. (I loved last night’s tour.)

7. “Turista” (tourist):

As a traveler, it’s helpful to be familiar with the term “turista.” Embrace your role and use it to engage with locals, seek assistance, and navigate Argentina’s popular tourist destinations.

  • Acá hay muchos turistas. (There’s lots of tourists here.)

8. “Paisaje” (landscape):

Argentina boasts breathtaking landscapes, and “paisaje” is the word to describe them. Use it to express admiration for the diverse and awe-inspiring natural beauty you encounter.

  • ¡Qué paisaje deslumbrante! (What an astonishing landscape.)

9. “Patrimonio” (heritage):

To truly immerse yourself in Argentina’s rich cultural heritage, understand the word “patrimonio.” This encompasses historical sites, traditions, and cultural assets that make the country unique.

  • El tango argentino es patrimonio inmaterial de la humanidad. (Argentine tango is an intangible cultural heritage.)

10. “Guía” (guide):

A knowledgeable “guía” (guide) can enhance your travel experiences by providing valuable insights. Seek out guided tours or engage with local guides to deepen your understanding of Argentina.

  • Nuestro guía se llama Luis. (Our guide ‘s name is Luis.)

11. “Paseo” (stroll/walk):

Embarking on a leisurely “paseo” allows you to soak up the charm of Argentina’s cities and towns. Use this word to describe a delightful walk while exploring local sights and sounds.

  • Quiero dar un paseo por el parque. (I want to take a walk in the park). 


By familiarizing yourself with these 11 traveling words in Spanish, you’ll navigate Argentina with confidence and create meaningful connections with locals. Remember to practice using these words to construct simple sentences, which will enhance your ability to communicate effectively. 

If you’re asking yourself how to make Spanish sentences with these words, grab this free guide designed to help you speak Spanish with confidence, sound natural, and even embrace a little bit of Argentine slang. 

Enjoy your journey as you explore Argentina’s beautiful landscapes, embrace its cultural heritage, and make lasting memories along the way. ¡Buen viaje! (Safe travels!)

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