#1 Ebook to Decode the Spanish Language in Argentina

The Spanish language in Argentina is full of surprises!

Firstly, I’ve met hundreds of students who were shocked by natives saying things like:

  1. Agarrá las frutillas y ponelas en la heladera. 
  2. Ponete la malla y andá a la pileta.

Instead of 

  1. Coge las fresas y ponlas en la nevera.
  2. Ponte el bañador y ve a la piscina.

Imagine the headache it’d be to have to re-learn basic Spanish words like “piscina” and “nevera”, and new verb conjugations for the pronoun ‘vos’, only to better understand native Argentines. 

Unfortunately, this is the case for a lot of students. Oftentimes, schools teach some sort of “standard” Spanish that eventually doesn’t help language learners truly connect with natives.

What Are the Major Issues With the Spanish Language in Argentina?

Spanish learners often believe that Argentine Spanish is difficult to understand because of multiple reasons:

  • the unique accent, 
  • fast-paced speakers, 
  • the use of ‘vos’ instead of ‘tú’, 
  • the use of slang in everyday conversations, and 
  • basic words and expressions that are unique to the country. 

Picture this: you’re dating an Argentinian, enjoying the dulce de leche, soaking up the mate culture, but there’s un gran problemalanguage barriers are getting in the way of your so-cherished relationships. 

Would it change your life to be able to converse with your Argentine loved ones in fluent Spanish? How about being able to talk with confidence to people you are meeting and getting to know in a “meet the family” kind of situation?

Here’s the first step you need to take to break the language barrier once and for all: Get your hands on this fantastic ebook.

What Is the Best Approach to Speak Argentine Spanish?

The best approach to speak Argentine Spanish is to ditch Duolingo – the owl only causes more confusion by teaching you words we don’t use in Argentina.

Second, read this ebook.

Introducing our ultimate lifesaver: “Help! I Am Dating an Argentinian: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Argentine Spanish.” This ebook is not just any ordinary read; it’s your guide to mastering the intricacies of the Spanish language in Argentina. 

  • Nervous about rapid-fire conversations with natives? 
  • Freezing up when trying to find the right words? 
  • Feeling like your brain can’t keep up with the pace? 

No te preocupes, because this ebook has got your back (yes, even if you aren’t dating an Argentinian.)

Designed specially for foreigners like vos who are eager to communicate effortlessly with their Argentine partners, amigos, y familia, this ebook is a game-changer. No more confusion or misunderstandings— just fluency and genuine connections.

Imagine yourself speaking español argentino like a true porteño, where you can express your thoughts and feelings with ease. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, it’s time to make that dream a reality.

What Is Inside the Ebook?

The Most Important Features of the Spanish Spoken in Argentina

The Spanish spoken in Argentina is characterized by its distinct pronunciation, intonation, and vocabulary. Known for its widespread use of voseo (the use of “vos” instead of “tú”) and Italian words, Rioplatense Spanish reflects the country’s rich cultural heritage and diverse linguistic influences.

In Part 1 of the ebook, we’ll dive into:

  • FEATURES: 5 Features to Understand About Argentine Spanish
  • ACCENT: Decoding The Argentine Spanish Accent
  • VOCABULARY: Argentina’s Exclusive Vocabulary
  • VOSEO: The Use of Vos
  • FORMAL: How to Be Polite in Argentina
  • INFORMAL: Informalities and Slang
  • SLANG: Most Common Slang Words in Argentina
  • COMMON EXPRESSIONS: Useful Phrases to Know Before Traveling to Argentina

Plus, there’s a BONUS chapter to help you understand why learning Spanish will help you succeed in life, how long it takes to be fluent in Spanish, and 3 highly effective habits to adopt if you learn Spanish.

Check out the preview below:

And that’s just for PART 1 of the ebook

How to Learn Spanish Words That Are Different in Argentina

When diving into the Spanish language in Argentina, one of the first things you’ll notice are the unique words and phrases that set it apart from other Spanish-speaking countries. 

From everyday vocabulary to slang terms, Argentine Spanish has its own special words like “pileta” and “heladera” that no book or school teaches.

Inside the ebook “Help! I Am Dating an Argentinian: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Argentine Spanish” you’ll find several tables in English and Spanish with all the relevant words that are unique to Argentina. Additionally, you’ll find a seven week study plan to help you rapidly boost your Spanish skills and vocab without feeling overwhelmed. 

Having this knowledge is a major step to better understanding native speakers and avoiding uncomfortable misunderstandings. Click here to get the ebook now.

How to Speak Spanish in Argentina Without Sounding Like a Gringo/a

Mastering the art of speaking Spanish in Argentina requires more than just learning vocabulary and grammar. It involves understanding the nuances of Argentine culture, embracing the local slang, and adapting to the rhythm and cadence of Argentine Spanish. 

Learning all these new skills can be extremely overwhelming. That’s why, I’ve personally come up with a quick study plan for you that focuses mainly on improving your speaking skills in just seven weeks. You can find the complete study plan in Part 2 of the ebook.

The 7-Seven Week Study Plan

The 7-seven week study plan is ideal for language students who want to cover the basics for conversations with Argentinians. The main purpose of this plan is to boost your confidence when conversing with locals and put you on the right track to becoming a fluent speaker. 

Following this quick but intense study plan, you will be able to confidently engage in small talk with locals when you visit Argentina or video-call your friends and family. This is the first step to develop meaningful relationships with your loved ones.  

What’s the Best Step by Step Approach to Master Argentine Spanish?

With a step by step approach that has already helped thousands of students break language barriers, this ebook is your roadmap to success. From mastering the basics to navigating the nuances of Argentine slang, from conquering the dreaded vos forms to feeling confident in any conversación, I’ve got you covered!

And there’s more! In Part 3 of the ebook. you’ll find readings in Spanish to acquire new vocabulary, brush up your reading comprehension skills, and learn about travel in Argentina from a native’s perspective. 

So, ¿qué estás esperando? Say chau to language struggles, and hola to fluency and confidence. Don’t let those rapid-fire conversations intimidate you—grab your copy of “Help! I Am Dating an Argentinian: The Ultimate Guide to Learn Argentine Spanish” hoy mismo, and let’s embark on this journey towards the mastery of Argentine Spanish ¡Dale, che!

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