What Argentine Rock Songs Match Your Unique Personality Best?

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In this exciting article for all Spanish and music enthusiasts, we’ll immerse ourselves in the world of Argentine rock songs. We’ll explore how these iconic Argentine rock songs can become a mirror of your unique traits and personality. 

From the poetic verses of “En la Ciudad de la Furia” by Soda Stereo to the raw energy of “Sigue Girando” by Los Ratones Paranoicos, I’ll take you on a journey where music and the Spanish language intertwine in a magical way. Join me as we unravel the profound lyrics and discover the connections between music and the Spanish language.

5 Argentinian Rock Songs That Might Resonate With You

1. “En la Ciudad de la Furia” by Soda Stereo: Embracing the 80s Vibes

*”Me verás volar

Por la ciudad de la furia

Donde nadie sabe de mí

Y yo soy parte de todos”*  

“En la Ciudad de la Furia,” is a poetic song capturing the essence of how many Argentinians feel about the City of Buenos Aires. It is called the “city of fury” (la ciudad de la furia) because of Argentina’s history with hyperinflation and, consequently, infuriated people.  Your personality might resonate with this song if you’re a person who loves the city, finds calm in a bit of chaos, and enjoys music from the 80s.

2. “Pasos al costado” by Turf: Navigating Life’s Crossroads

“Debo haber estado dando pasos al costado

Paralizado por el miedo de saber la verdad

Me imaginaba que lo que habíamos pasado había quedado pisado

Pero encontramos una nueva forma de hablar”

The Argentinian rock song “Pasos al costado,” reflects the feeling of being lost and the struggle to find direction. “Dar pasos” means to take steps, but instead of forward, the protagonist takes “pasos al costado”, meaning left or right. “Al costado” means “to the side.” If you find yourself at crossroads, navigating life’s uncertainties with resilience, this song could be your anthem.

3. “Campanas en la Noche” by Los Tipitos: Never Losing Hope

*”Andando las calles ajenas

De hombres que al fin le dan pena

Campanas en la noche

Ruidos de melancolía que esperan

Esperan que ella vuelva”*  

The song is about a man who feels lonely. He remembers his ex-girlfriend and hopes that she will return to him. He walks through the city (andando las calles) and hears bells (campanas) that make him feel sad (dan pena) but also give him hope (que esperan que ella vuelva). If you have a melancholic personality, you don’t easily lose hope, and believe in happy endings, this song might resonate with your soul.

4. “Irresponsables” by Babasónicos: Unapologetically Unique

“Poco a poco

Fuimos volviéndonos locos

Y ese vapor de nuestro amor

Nos embriagó con su licor

Y culpa al carnaval interminable

Nos hizo confundir, irresponsables”  

The song talks about a scandalous love affair between two people. This affair was fueled, little by little (poco a poco), by liquor (nos embriagó con su licor). However, both of these people knew they were confused and acting irresponsibly (nos hizo confundir, irresponsables). If your personality thrives on being unapologetically unique and you don’t mind what others think of your affairs, this song might be your anthem.

5. “Muchacha Ojos de Papel” by Almendra: Lover

“Muchacha ojos de papel

¿A dónde vas? Quédate hasta el alba

Muchacha pequeños pies

No corras más, quédate hasta el alba”  

This song is a declaration of love from the singer to the first woman he was ever with. As you can read in the lyrics, “muchacha” means young woman, and “quédate hasta el alba” means stay until dawn.  If you’re the type of person who expresses feelings through songs, poems, and works of art, this track might deeply resonate with you.

Popular Argentine Rock Songs and More Latin American Rock

The beauty of Argentine rock songs lies in their ability to capture diverse emotions. Each song reflects a different facet of your being, allowing you to connect with melodies that speak to your heart and soul. 

I hope you enjoyed the songs and, at the same time, learned some new vocabulary!  Remember, music is a great tool to enhance your Spanish skills. My colleague Marco Fierro said it best in the Easy Argentine Spanish podcast episode “Las 3 mejores bandas de rock latino y los conciertos más populares”. If you haven’t listened to this episode yet, go check it out because it’s a true gem! 

Find out more info about my friend Marco Fierro from Latin ELE here https://latinele.com/.

And listen to more episodes of the Easy Argentine Spanish podcast here.

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  1. I love this post about argentine rock music, but I was surprised I didn’t see Los Fabulosos Cadillacs on the list! Calaveras y diablitos is my favorite. 😁

    1. Thank you for being here, Aubrey, you’re amazing! We talked about Los Fabulosos Cadillacs in the podcast episode with Marco. That’s his favorite band too 😀

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