Practice Commands in Spanish with Easy to Follow Family Recipes

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Do you need to practice commands in Spanish? Do it with easy to follow family recipes. If you are thinking of recipes for asado, empanadas, milanesas, you are right! 

I strongly believe that recipes are the best resource to practice with commands in Spanish. Recipes are usually written using informal tú commands like “pon”, “agrega” and “sazona”. 

In Argentina the informal commands use the pronoun vos. Therefore, “pon” becomes “poné”, “agrega” becomes “agregá”, and “sazona” becomes “sazoná”. Learn to differentiate tú and vos usage with my new app VOS SOS (only for Android users). 

Today I’d like you to practice commands in Spanish with me. I’ll teach you important vocabulary and walk you through one of my favorite family recipes. 

Spanish kitchen verbs

Practice commands in Spanish

Before we begin our practice with Spanish commands, we need to learn some verbs and how to conjugate them. 

We’ll begin with some of the most common kitchen verbs. 

  • Hornear (to bake) 
  • Condimentar (to season)
  • Salpimentar (to add salt and pepper)
  • Agregar (to add)
  • Mezclar (to mix)

In the imperative mode (in the form of commands), these verbs become:

  • Hornea (tú) / Horneá (vos)
  • Condimenta / Condimentá
  • Salpimienta / Salpimentá
  • Agrega /Agregá
  • Mezcla /Mezclá

Irregular Kitchen Verbs

Now let’s take a look at some popular kitchen verbs that happen to be irregular. 

  • Poner (to put) = pon (tú) / poné (vos)
  • Hervir (to boil) = hierve (tú) / herví (vos)
  • Servir = sirve (tú) / serví (vos)
  • Freír (to fry) = fríe (tú) / freí (vos)
  • Revolver (to stir) = revuelve (tú) / revolvé (vos)

My Mother’s Favorite Flan Recipe

We are going to practice commands in Spanish with one of my favorite desserts’ recipe: la receta del flan casero. This is my mother’s favorite flan recipe and she cooks this occasionally. 

First, let’s start with the ingredients.

  • Leche 1 Lt.
  • Huevo 8 u.
  • Azúcar 250 Gr.
  • Esencia de Vainilla 1 Cda.
  • Azúcar 200 Gr. (para el caramelo)

Follow the recipe to practice with Spanish commands 

Now you are going to read the instructions. Pay attention to the verbs. They are all conjugated in the imperative mode. Can you identify them? 

Spanish commands (tú) in the recipe

The informal (tú) Spanish commands found in the recipe are:

  1. Coloca (x3)
  2. Agrega (x2)
  3. Ve
  4. Retira
  5. Mueve
  6. Reserva
  7. Deja
  8. Calienta
  9. Mezcla
  10. Bate
  11. Incorpora
  12. Vierte
  13. Hornea

What do you think about the recipe? Would you try it? Comment below

Practice commands in Spanish with my family’s recipes

Would you like to keep practicing?  My mother and I have gathered our Argentine family recipes to create this amazing project called «Cocina de mamá – Recetas de nuestro hogar» to practice Spanish commands.

Students practice with commands in Spanish while taking a look at our family’s best recipes. This resource includes a PDF document with 20 pages that can be used digitally or printed.

Click on the image to check it out!

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