What is gaucho in Spanish? And to be “gauchito”?

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What is gaucho in Spanish? And what is to be “gauchito” or “gauchita”? 

What is gaucho in Spanish? Gauchos were skilled, friendly people who wouldn’t hesitate to give a helping hand. When we say someone is “gauchito/a” in Argentina, we are saying that person is kind and helpful.


What are gauchos in Argentina?

Gauchos were skilled horsemen with a reputation for being brave and unruly. They rode the Pampa plains of Argentina and owned large ranches. 

How frequently is this word used? 

Medium frequency word. Argentinians use this word in informal conversations mostly.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “¿Qué te pareció Juan? Es gauchito”. 
  • “Mi amigo Sebastián es gauchito y siempre me da una mano”.
  • “¿Necesitás ayuda con eso? Decile al vecino que te ayude, es gauchito”.
  • “Seguramente Julián te ayuda, es gauchito”.
  • “¿Qué te dijeron los suegros? Que soy gauchita”. 
  • “Tu hermana Paula es re gauchita, me agrada mucho”.
  • “Jorge me ayudó a cambiarle la rueda al auto, es re gauchito”.
  • “¿Por qué no le decís a la profe que te ayude? Ella es gauchita”.
  • “Mi amiga me fue a comprar un globo para mi cumpleaños. ¡Qué gauchita!”.

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

The feminine word “gauchita” can also mean that a woman is pretty. “Qué gauchita que es Sofía”. 

Source: Diccionario Argentino

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