11 Spanish Adjectives to Describe a Person Like an Argentinian

There are plenty of adjectives to describe a person in Spanish. However, if you want to describe someone the way an Argentinian would, you should learn these 11 words.

In this post I will provide a list of 11 adjectives to describe a person in Spanish. All these adjectives are used to describe a person’s body. Use them for physical descriptions. 

Take into account that while most of these adjectives should be used carefully because they might hurt some people’s feelings. Can you guess which ones?

What is an adjective?

Before we start I would like to clarify the meaning of “adjective”. Here is the definition by Merriam Webster’s dictionary.

“Adjectives describe or modify—that is, they limit or restrict the meaning of—nouns and pronouns. They may name qualities of all kinds: huge, red, angry, tremendous, unique, rare, etc.”

Therefore, words like hermoso, lindo, feo, malo, aburrido are adjectives or “adjetivos” in Spanish. 

Argentine Spanish Adjectives List

Here is a list of 11 adjectives to describe a person in Spanish like an Argentinian. Keep reading to see some examples.

  1. morocho/a (dark-haired)
  2. morrudo/a (muscular)
  3. colo (red-haired)
  4. flacucho/a (skinny)
  5. pelado (bald)
  6. narigón/a (big-nosed)
  7. petiso/a (short)
  8. fachero (good looking man)
  9. diosa (goddess)
  10. panzón (paunchy) 
  11. fiera (ugly)

3 Phrases with Spanish adjectives to describe a person’s looks

  1. “Tengo la novia más diosa del mundo”.
  2. “Mi esposo es el hombre más fachero”.
  3. “¿En serio te gusta esa? ¡Es fiera!”.

4 Phrases with Spanish adjectives to describe size and shape

  1. “María es esa chica flacucha y alta que está allá”. 
  2. “Amo a mi marido aunque sea un panzón”
  3. “A mi amiga Dary le encantan los petisos”.
  4. “Le gustan las mujeres morrudas”.

4 Phrases with Spanish adjectives to describe a person physically

  1. “A Jorge le gustan las morochas con curvas”.
  2. “Ella es mi amiga Juana, le decimos “la colo” porque es colorada”.
  3. “Al tío Mingo le dicen “el pela” porque es pelado”.
  4. “Ese narigón es uno de los mejores jugadores de fútbol del mundo”.

How to describe a person physically in Spanish

Depending on who you are addressing, choose your favorite pronoun first, él, ella, usted, vos, etc. Then write three sentences using at least one of the adjectives above. See examples:

  • Amiga, sos la morocha más diosa del mundo. ¿Por qué estás saliendo con esa fiera?
  • El ladrón era un flacucho narigón que vestía de gris y tenía las zapatillas rotas.
  • Ciro es morrudo, petiso y pelado. ¡Tiene todo lo que no me gusta! 


These are 11 Spanish adjectives to describe a person like an Argentinian, but there are lots more. 

Could you identify the ones that might hurt other people’s feelings? The answer is: all of them! 

Even though Argentinians tend to mock one another and call each other names like “la colo” or “el pela”, it doesn’t mean everyone is okay with this. Be careful with these adjectives! 

Practice describing a person like an Argentinian. Leave a comment below. 

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