9 Unique Spanish Words for Funny to Make You Giggle

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Do you know any Spanish words for “funny” other than “gracioso” and “divertido”? How would you say “laugh out loud” or “LOL” in Spanish?

If you were looking for a little humor in your Spanish conversations, we’ve got you covered. Here are nine funny words and phrases to help get a laugh out of those around you, giving your Spanish conversations the added zing they need!

What is the Spanish word for funny?

In Spanish, the word for funny is “divertido/a”. It’s typically used as an adjective and can be used to describe a wide range of things, from people to activities. 

  • La obra de teatro estuvo muy divertida y entretenida. 

The verb form of divertido is “divertir” which means “to entertain” or “to amuse”. Both words are a great way to add some humor to your conversations!

Another Spanish word for “funny” is “gracioso/a”. Typically we say something is “gracioso/a” when it makes us laugh. 

  • El personaje principal era gracioso porque hacía muchas payasadas. 
  • Mi perrito tiene una cara graciosa.

Reirse: How to spell “laughing” in Spanish.

Did you know that there is a special verb to describe laughing out loud? In Spanish, the word “reirse” (pronounced somewhat like /ray-EAR-say/) means to laugh, chuckle, guffaw, or otherwise react loudly and with great amusement. 

You can use this verb on its own or as part of a sentence. For example, you could say “los niños están riéndose” which means “the children are laughing.”

The verb reirse is irregular and should be conjugated like this:

  • me río 
  • te ries/reís (vos)
  • se ríe
  • nos reímos
  • se ríen 

Learn some funny Spanish terms like “Cagarse de risa”.

One of the most comedic Spanish phrases you can use is “cagarse de risa,” which literally translates to “fill your pants with laughter.” It means to laugh hard, or to laugh excitedly. 

If someone tells a joke that made you laugh and smile big, then you could say “me cagué de risa.”  Similarly you can say “me meo de la risa” (mearse) o “me hice pis encima (de la risa)”. See more examples below.

  • “Nos meamos de la risa con el show de anoche”. 
  • “Vimos la película de Adam Sandler. Es un cago de risa”.
  • “No daba más de la risa, me hacía pis encima”. 

Just beware – these phrases are considered quite vulgar in some Latin American countries!

What are some cool Spanish words to say something is very funny?

If you want to let someone know that a joke or a funny situation was very amusing, you could use the phrase “descostillarse” which literally means “to crack a rib.” Alternatively, you can also say “me parto de risa,” which means that you’re literally splitting from laughter. 

Another expression is “me muero de risa,” literally meaning that the funniness makes you die from laughing. Similarly, you can say “me maté de risa”, meaning that you laughed so much it killed you (yes, we’re very drastic in Spanish).

A very popular expression is “llorar de la risa” which literally means “to cry of laughter”. When something or someone makes you laugh so hard you feel you can’t take it any more, you may say “no doy más de la risa”. 

Lastly, another funny Spanish terms to express laughter is: “reirse a carcajadas”. “Carcajadas” can be translated as “roars”. So, we can say “reirse a carcajadas” means “to roar with laughter”. 

9 Unique Spanish words and phrases for “funny”

As a conclusion, here are the 9 unique Spanish words and phrases for “funny”. Study them if your goal is to speak like a native.

  1. Cagarse de la risa
  2. Mearse/hacerse pis encima
  3. Matarse de la risa
  4. Morirse de la  risa
  5. Llorar de la risa
  6. Descostillarse 
  7. No dar más de la risa
  8. Reírse a carcajadas
  9. Partirse de la risa

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