How to Say Posh in Spanish Slang (Argentina)

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What is “posh” in Spanish?

Posh in Spanish is cheto or cheta. Cheto/a is the short form of “concheto”, which means “posh”. Rich people and snobs are considered “chetos”.


How frequently is “cheto” used? 

Medium-high frequency word. Argentinians use this word quite frequently, especially in informal conversations.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Ese bar es de chetos”.
  • “¡Qué cheto este lugar!”.
  • “Lo bailan las rochas, también las chetas”.
  • “Todos dicen que los porteños son unos chetos”. 
  • “¡Re cheta esa camisa!”.
  • “¿Se van de crucero? Qué chetos”.
  • “Los chetos no piden “perdón”, dicen “sorry””.
  • “Hay un nuevo restaurante que es re cheto”.
  • “Es cheta, pero no es fina”. 

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

This word tends to have a negative connotation, but this really depends on the context. For example, if a friend tells you “tu camisa es re cheta” it is more of a compliment, not so much a criticism. 

Source: Diccionario Argentino

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