This Is How I Teach Spanish Phrases for Travelers: 3 Practical Strategies

Picture of a man facing the mountains, next to blog post title that reads "This Is How I Teach Spanish Phrases for Travelers: 3 Practical Strategies".

Discover three strategies that make Spanish phrases for travelers not just easy, but enjoyable to learn. It’s so exciting for me when students gear up for their next adventure and are eager to communicate confidently while traveling. Teaching Spanish for travellers has always been one of my biggest passions.

In this comprehensive blog post, I’d like to share with you three proven approaches that have helped my students converse effortlessly during their journeys. These strategies are integral parts of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, ensuring meaningful and smooth interactions when traveling to a Hispanic country.

Whether you’re a teacher looking for an engaging way to teach Spanish for travel, or a solo-learner seeking to improve your Spanish skills, this blog post is for you! Keep reading to learn the 3 practical strategies that have helped my student-travelers. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite strategy. I’d love to hear from you!

Start With Key Vocabulary: Building Blocks of Travel Communication

Begin the journey to fluency by laying a strong foundation. My first strategy revolves around introducing essential vocabulary through a variety of engaging methods. From concise glossaries and interactive activities to captivating images, authentic text, and dynamic videos, these resources bring the vocabulary to life. By connecting words to real-life scenarios, students can instantly grasp their meanings and applications.

All of these activities are included in my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle; however, you can also find them on the Internet. Browse through pages like, for example, and switch the language to Spanish. You’d be amazed at how much vocabulary you can learn! For example, check out below the vocabulary I highlighted from the flight searching website Skyscanner. (This is also included in the bundle). 

These strategies are integral parts of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, click here to get it!

Teach Useful Phrases in Context: Crafting Travel Conversations

Incorporating phrases into context is essential for effective communication. Through my second strategy, we embark on a virtual trip-planning adventure. Step by step, students join me in planning an entire journey, from making reservations to packing bags. At each stage, we explore and practice relevant phrases. This hands-on approach equips students with the ability to engage in practical conversations that mirror their actual experiences.

To give you an example, in my lessons I include a section called “Hora de empacar” (Time for packing). We are presented with two different scenarios, one is the beach and the other is the city in winter. Students must say, in Spanish, what they will pack for each destination. See the picture below.

These strategies are integral parts of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, click here to get it!

Empower Through Future Tense: Dreaming and Planning Ahead

No travel adventure is complete without the excitement of future plans. In the final strategy, students are encouraged to unleash their creativity and aspiration. By describing their dream vacations or sketching out future trips, they delve into the practice of using the future tense in Spanish. This exercise not only enhances language skills but also nurtures their enthusiasm for both language learning and travel.

To make this activity even more interesting, I like to set a limited budget. For example, as you can see in the image below, students are told their budget is 10,000 usd and they have to plan their trip around that budget.  

These strategies are integral parts of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, click here to get it!

Unlock the Benefits: You Need the Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle

With the **LOS VIAJES PARTE 1, PARTE 2, AND PARTE 3** modules of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, Spanish students will unlock a world of benefits:

– Improve communication skills in Spanish, fostering effortless interactions.

– Navigate travel plans and reservations in Spanish with confidence.

– Tackle challenging situations while conversing with native speakers.

– Boost self-assurance when navigating foreign environments.

These strategies are integral parts of my Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, click here to get it!

Experience the Comprehensive Content Within the Bundle

The Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle is a treasure trove of learning opportunities:

– Three meticulously crafted PDFs.

– Over 3 hours of rich teaching materials.

– Comprehensive answer keys for easy assessment.

– Vocabulary lists tailored for travel contexts, including airport, travel agency, and packing.

– Abundant speaking practice to encourage fluency.

– Engaging listening comprehension exercises.

– Immersive Spanish reading passages.

Unveil the World of Spanish Phrases for Travelers

Let’s empower ourselves and others with the confidence to engage and connect through language. By utilizing these three strategies within the Spanish Travel Lessons Bundle, we’re setting up for successful and memorable travel experiences. Let’s equip ourselves with the tools we need to navigate new cultures, forge friendships, and savor every moment of our journeys. Dive into the world of Spanish phrases for travelers to start making memorable experiences now!

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