The Spanish 1 Review Game That Can Help Any Student Improve Skills

There’s a Spanish 1 review game that has created so many fun lessons for me and my students. What I love the most about this game is that it is engaging, fun, and educational at the same time. 

Personally, I choose to use this game to review Spanish grammar concepts. However, it’s a versatile game that can be used to introduce new topics, and to review other concepts like vocabulary, spelling, and cultural insights. In other words, this game is a true gem. 

Searching for the Perfect Spanish 1 Review Game

The story of how I found the most amazing Spanish 1 review game goes back to when I was just starting my job as an online teacher. Teaching online can be quite challenging, given that the lessons were usually individual and personalized. Therefore, I wanted a fun lesson or game to help my students review basic concepts without making it boring or overwhelming. 

One day, I came across a blog post written by an English teacher who proposed a “casino” game to review English grammar concepts. -”That’s it”!- I thought, -”I can do this in Spanish and create a fun design so that it feels like a virtual casino”. 

Designing the Spanish Grammar Casino Game

Google Slides has always been my favorite tool to teach Spanish online, mainly because it’s easy to use and share. Thus, I decided to create “el Casino de la Gramática” in a series of slides, decorated with cards, chips, and dices, that can be easily accessed by all students. 

This game, created with Google Slides, is not only perfect for distance learning but also an effective tool for enhancing grammar comprehension and retention. When it comes to language learning, interactive and engaging activities are key to reinforcing skills and boosting confidence.

What is the Grammar Casino About?

*El Casino de la Gramática* is an ingenious exercise designed specifically for reviewing grammar concepts covered in Spanish 1. Its adaptable nature makes it suitable for levels ranging from A1 to C2, making it a versatile resource. 

How Does the Grammar Casino Work?

This game invites students to read sentences that may be correct or incorrect in terms of grammar. Their task is to bet points on the correctness of each sentence and provide an explanation for their choice. 

Each student starts with 140 points to bet. Correct bets add to their points, while incorrect bets subtract from them. For instance, when faced with the sentence “¡Me encanta esta programa!” the student should bet on “INCORRECTO” since “programa” is a masculine noun. Therefore, the correct sentence is “Me encanta este programa.”

The game can be played individually or in a group setting. In a group class, the student with the highest score is the winner.

Play With Me Now!

Feeling lucky? Bet on your language skills and hit the jackpot with “El Casino de la Gramática”. Remember, you have 140 points to start with, and you can bet on a sentence being “bien” or “mal”. If you win, add the points you betted to your score. If you lose, deduct those points from your total score. 

¿Estás listo? ¡Empezamos! 

Prestá atención a l gramática de las siguientes oraciones. ¿Están bien o mal?

  • El agua del grifo es rica y pura. 
  • Hay treinta y ún vacas en el campo.
  • El pared es morado. 

¿La número 1 está BIEN o MAL? ¿Cuánto vas a apostar?

¿La número 2 está BIEN o MAL? ¿Cuánto vas a apostar?

¿La número 3 está BIEN o MAL? ¿Cuánto vas a apostar?


Encontrarás las respuestas correctas al final de este artículo. ¡Buena suerte!

Find the correct answers at the bottom of this blog post. Good luck!

What Does the Grammar Casino Include?

– 30 slides filled with content that can easily fill a 60-minute or longer class session with no prep required.

– Introductory vocabulary related to betting (apostar, arriesgarse, etc.).

– Comprehensive material covering essential grammar topics such as genders, articles, colors, numbers, comparatives, expressions of time, weather expressions, reflexive verbs, irregular verbs in the future tense, various forms of the preterite tense, and the usage of “por” and “para.”

– The review content is editable, allowing you to tailor it to students’ needs and proficiency levels.

When is the Best Moment to Use the Grammar Casino?

The *Grammar Casino* serves as an interactive and enjoyable tool to reinforce concepts that were already taught and students have learned. Therefore, it’s most effective when used at the conclusion of a unit, semester, or academic year. The game enables students to apply their knowledge in a practical and engaging manner.

With that being said, teachers may also use this game to introduce new concepts. It’s a truly versatile tool!

Why Should You Consider Using This Product?

Teachers: Not only will your students thoroughly enjoy playing the *Grammar Casino*, but it’s also an excellent strategy for you as a teacher to gauge the effectiveness of your instruction. This game offers a unique blend of fun and learning, making grammar review an enjoyable experience. Moreover, it assists in identifying areas where students excel and where they might need additional practice.

Incorporate the *Grammar Casino* into your Spanish 1 curriculum and witness the excitement and growth in your students’ grammar skills. It’s an investment in interactive learning that reaps substantial rewards. Get ready to make grammar review a captivating and productive adventure!

Where to Get the Grammar Casino Game?

Click here to get your grammar casino game. Answers and explanations included!


  • 1.El agua del grifo es rica y pura. – Está BIEN. 
  • 2.Hay treinta y un vacas en el campo. – Está MAL. Son “treinta y una vacas.”
  • 3.El pared es morado.  – Está MAL. Es “la pared es morada.”

How did it go? Leave a comment below!

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