What are Some Spanish Slang Words? See Meaning of Pibe/a

What does «pibe» mean in Argentine slang?

What are some Spanish slang words for chico/a? It can be difficult to learn slang words if we don’t use them often. Here is a word that we use a lot in Argentina: pibe/a. The word pibe/a is the Spanish slang for chico/a, which means “girl” or “boy”. 


How frequently is the word “pibe” used? 

High frequency word. Argentinians use this word quite frequently, especially in informal conversations.

Examples of this word in use:

  • “Esa piba es muy inteligente”.
  • “Anoche salimos con los pibes del colegio”.
  • “Cuando yo era pibe no usábamos la calculadora”.
  • “Las pibas de ahora se visten con poca ropa”. 
  • “Este pibe me está volviendo loca”.
  • “¿Quién es la piba esa?”.
  • “¿Ese pibe es amigo tuyo?”.
  • “¿De dónde conocés a ese pibe?”.
  • “Los pibes de ahora manejan mejor la tecnología”. 

Interesting facts about this slang word in Spanish:

Age doesn’t really matter, people consider anyone younger than themselves a pibe or piba. For example, a 70 year old man can call a 35 year old man a pibe. 

To sum up, what are some Spanish slang words for chico and chica? Pibe and piba, but also chabón and chabona (we will see more about these in a future post).

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Diccionario de la Real Academia Española

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