Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration: Let’s Talk About Argentinians in the USA

image of tango dancers next to blog post title that reads "Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration: Let's Talk About Argentinians in the USA"

Embracing Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, we delve into the world of Argentinian cultural heritage that has flourished on US soil. 

Hispanic Heritage Month is a month-long celebration in the United States that goes from September 15th to October 15th. In summary, this celebration recognizes and honors the cultural contributions of Hispanic and Latin American communities. 

During this time, the diverse traditions, history, and achievements of individuals with roots in Spanish-speaking countries are celebrated and acknowledged. Thus, this celebration fosters greater awareness and appreciation for Hispanic cultures in the United States. 

The Rich Cultural Legacy of Argentinians in the USA

Tango and Beyond: Preserving Argentine Traditions in a New Land

Among the many treasures Argentinians brought to the USA, tango stands as a symbol of their passionate artistry. Once arrived in this new land, Argentinians established tango clubs and dance schools. Their goal is keeping the flame of this traditional dance alive and passing it down to new generations. Thus, they have not only preserved the essence of Argentine traditions but also shared their unique art form, connecting communities across borders.

Take the case of famous tango schools founded by Argentinians in the United States. One of them is The Tango Company in New York and the other one is Ultimate Tango in Massachusetts. From beginner to advanced, these schools offer courses for everyone!

Argentinian Americans: Thriving in Sports and Beyond

Scoring Goals and Slam Dunks: Argentinian Athletes in American Sports

As we delve deeper into Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, we cannot overlook the remarkable achievements of Argentinian athletes in American sports. From Lionel Messi’s soccer prowess to Manu Ginobili’s mesmerizing performances on the basketball court, these talented individuals have not only achieved personal success but also inspired a new generation of athletes to pursue their dreams on the international stage. 

In 2022, Manu Ginobili was inducted into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Massachusetts. On the other hand, Lionel Messi has recently joined the Inter Miami soccer team in Miami, Florida. Furthermore, the dedication and skill of these athletes have elevated the level of competition and united sports enthusiasts from diverse backgrounds.

Entrepreneurs and Innovators: Argentinian Influence in American Industries

In the spirit of Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, we celebrate the ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit of Argentinian professionals in the USA. Up to the present time, across various industries, they have made significant contributions, driving innovation and shaping the economic landscape. From technology startups to groundbreaking advancements in finance and hospitality, their creative endeavors have not only benefited the American economy but also fostered a sense of collaboration among diverse communities.

Argentinians Improving Hospitality in the USA

Additionally, many young Argentinians are contributing to better guest services in hotels and ski centers in the United States. University students can take part in the “Work and Travel Programs” that lets them travel the US, during the winter season, to work in hospitality and enjoy the American holidays. This program allows US citizens and Argentinians to connect on a deeper level, opening doors to new opportunities and stronger relationships.    

Embracing Diversity: Argentinians Living in the United States

Where Are the Majority of Argentines in the States and How Many Are They

As we come together to commemorate Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, let’s get a better picture of where Argentina stands in the US community. There are roughly 300,000 Argentinians living in the United States in 2023, making up 1% of the total Hispanic population. A third of them are concentrated in the region of Florida, more specifically, in the Miami-Dade and Fort Lauderdale areas.    


Within the context of Hispanic Heritage Month celebration, it’s crucial to reflect on the importance of passing down cultural traditions and values to future generations. By instilling a sense of pride in their Argentinian heritage, families play a crucial role in ensuring the legacy of their ancestors lives on. Thus, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of Hispanic culture in the USA for generations to come. This collective effort strengthens the community’s identity and enriches the nation as a whole.

Argentina Resources for Hispanic Heritage Month

If you’re a Spanish teacher and would like to embrace diversity for Hispanic Heritage Month, here are my favorite resources about Argentine culture and tradition. 

Argentinian Spanish vs Mexican Spanish

Argentinian Spanish Differences: Use this resource to talk about all Spanish variants while teaching about Argentinian Spanish differences. Compare two words and guess which one belongs to Argentine Spanish vs Mexican Spanish; every correct guess earns one point. The material includes ten Argentine Spanish words next to ten words used in other Hispanic countries.


Tango Spanish Reading Passage: Use this no-prep Spanish reading passage to teach your students about tango dancing in South America. Within these worksheets for learning Spanish, students will work with a blog post titled “Tango: Argentina, Uruguay y La Cumparsita”of 500 words.

Tango: Argentina Spanish Reading and Listening Practice: Students will work with a blog post titled “Tango: Argentina and the Song that Best Describes the Country” (Tango: Argentina y la canción que mejor describe al país) of 500 words.

Tango Piazzolla Spanish Articles to Read: A no-prep Spanish reading passage to teach about famous Argentinian tango musician Astor Piazzolla. Students will work with a blog post titled “3 curiosidades del músico Astor Piazzolla”of 465 words.

Music and Carnaval 

Carnaval de Tilcara | Worksheets on Reading Comprehension: “El Carnaval de Tilcara” is a unique celebration from native tribes. This printable Spanish reading comprehension worksheets PDF about “el Carnaval de Tilcara” is perfect to work on reading comprehension skills. 

Música Latina | Podcast Listening Comprehension Skills: Improve listening comprehension skills with this captivating podcast episode about Latin American rock music. This listening activity guide, designed for intermediate and advanced Spanish students, offers an authentic and challenging learning experience.

Help students improve their Spanish listening skills by exposing them to the Argentinian and Chilean accents. The podcast they will work with is the Easy Argentine Spanish podcast. In this episode narrated by a native speaker from Argentina, a native speaker from Chile is interviewed.

Mate drink

El Mate | Spanish Reading Comprehension: Use this no-prep Spanish reading comprehension material to educate and engage your students about el mate. This Spanish reading comprehension PDF includes a song about the popular South American drink “mate”, and a text to practice Spanish reading comprehension. All in all, your students will learn all about el mate, why it’s an important part of Latin culture, and what it represents to us South Americans.

Mate argentino | Podcast Listening Activity: Looking for an authentic podcast listening activity about el mate? This listening activity guide, designed for intermediate and advanced Spanish students, offers an authentic and challenging learning experience. Help students improve their Spanish listening skills by listening to a conversation between two native speakers from Argentina. The podcast they will work with is the Easy Argentine Spanish podcast, narrated by a native speaker from Argentina.

Food – Free Podcast Listening Lesson

Lastly, bring traditional Argentine food to your Spanish class with this free listening activity. Your students will love learning all about pastelitos, tamales, asado, dulce de leche, and more.

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