3 Phrases to Say Happy Easter in Spanish like an Argentinian

image of easter eggs next to blog post title that reads "3 phrases to say happy easter in spanish like an argentinian"

Say Happy Easter in Spanish with style! As the holiday approaches, it’s important to communicate your best wishes in Spanish. Argentinians have their own unique way of expressing their Easter wishes, so if you want to sound like a true Argentinian, keep reading! 

In this article, we’ll explore the most common phrase to wish the happiest Easter in Spanish, three wishes in Spanish, and how to say Happy Easter like an Argentinian.

Most Common Phrase to Wish Happy Easter in Spanish

The most common phrase is “Feliz Pascua.” This phrase is widely used in many Spanish-speaking countries, including Argentina. “Pascua” is the word for “Easter,” and “feliz” means “happy.” So, in a nutshell, say “Feliz Pascua.”

3 Easter Wishes in Spanish

Que esta Pascua esté llena de amor, paz y felicidad. (May this Easter be filled with love, peace, and happiness.)

Que la bendición de Dios ilumine tu vida en esta Pascua. (May God’s blessing light up your life this Easter.)

Te deseo una Feliz Pascua llena de dulces momentos y hermosos recuerdos. (I wish you a happy Easter filled with sweet moments and beautiful memories.)

How to Say Happy Easter in Spanish like an Argentinian

If you want to say Happy Easter in Spanish like an Argentinian, you can use the following phrase:

“¡Felices Pascuas!” – This is a common way to say Happy Easter in Argentina. The plural “Pascuas” is used more often, instead of “Pascua,” to refer to the entire Easter season.

In addition to this, Argentinians may also use regional expressions or variations, depending on their personal style and dialect. 

Personally, I believe the best way to say Felices Pascuas is giving a delicious chocolate egg, known as “huevo de Pascua” or a “rosca de Pascua”. I talked about this Easter traditions in last week’s Podcast episode. Click here to check it out!


Saying Happy Easter in Spanish is easy and straightforward, whether you use the most common phrase “Feliz Pascua” or add a little more flavor with some of the other expressions we shared.

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