Argentina vs Spain: 5 Surprising Facts About Speaking Spanish in Both Countries

Picture of Argentina's and Spain's flags next to blog post title that reads: Argentina vs Spain: 5 Surprising Facts About Speaking Spanish in Both Countries

Are you curious about the exciting differences between Spanish spoken in Argentina vs Spain? Well, buckle up for a friendly exploration of some surprising facts that make these two linguistic journeys so interesting. 

First, let me give you some background. My name is Melany, I am from Argentina and I have lived in Spain for almost a year. The differences between Spanish variants is, in my opinion, a fascinating topic.

So, are you ready? Whether you’re a language enthusiast or just someone looking to spice up your Spanish, let’s dive into the cool distinctions!

1. The Rhythm of Argentina vs Spain Changes

First things first, let’s talk about how Spanish sounds in these two awesome places. In Argentina, you’ll notice a melodic quality influenced by Italian and indigenous languages. Meanwhile, over in Spain, the accents are like a smorgasbord of variety, each one telling a unique story from different regions.

Hear the differences in rhythm in this podcast episode where profe Maribel from Spain and I have a wonderful talk about travel.

2. Basic Words Change: Argentine Flavor vs Spanish Spice

Get ready for a vocabulary party! In Argentina, it’s like a tango of words influenced by Italian, indigenous languages, and their vibrant history. On the flip side, Spanish in Spain brings its own lexical flair, seasoned with historical influences and regional dialects.

Some words that I’ve learned for the first time in Spain:

  • El váter (el inodoro in Argentina – toilet)
  • El ayuntamiento (la municipalidad in Argentina – city council)
  • La copistería (la fotocopiadora in Argentina – copy center)

3. Pronunciation Is Quite Different

Let’s play with pronunciation, shall we? In Argentina, you’ve got those distinct “ll” and “y” sounds that resemble ‘sh’, and in Spain, some regions throw in a crisp “th” or “z” that adds a little flavor to the mix. 

Search the word “zapallo” on Wordreference and change the pronunciation from Spain to Argentina.  Can you hear the difference?

4. One Uses ‘Vos’ and the Other Uses ‘Vosotros’

Now, let’s chat about the use of these two pronouns: vos and vosotros. In Argentina, instead of ‘tú’, we use the pronoun ‘vos’ with its distinct conjugations. On the other hand, in Spain, the pronoun ‘vosotros’ is used instead of ‘ustedes’ for the plural. These two can be quite confusing!

For more information about Spanish pronouns, see this blog post. .

5. Local Expressions Share Similarities

Lastly, get ready to sprinkle some local lingo into your conversations. In Argentina and Spain, there are cool expressions that locals use daily. Some of these local expressions share similarities like references to life in “el campo”.  However, each country has its own set of idioms that make its language variant unique. Learn them, and you’ll sound like a native in no time!

For example, while a Spaniard might say “¡Qué pasada!”, an Argentinian would say “¡Qué buena onda!” Or instead of saying “¡Qué chorrada!”, an Argentinian would say “¡Qué bárbaro!”

And guess what? The fun doesn’t stop there! 

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¿Qué otras características conocés del español de Argentina vs Spain? Dejame un comentario abajo. 

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