Argentine Spanish Survival Kit

Hola, estudiante. ¿Qué hacés, che?

Congratulations for acquiring your Argentine Spanish Survival Kit! 🏊‍♀️

Think of this powerful tool as your life jacket; it ensures you won’t drown in a sea of incomprehensible Argentine expressions.


  • 📝Downloadable PDF guide with the 50 most important Argentine expressions for beginners.
  • 🆒Printable deck of flashcards with 100 expressions in Spanish with their English translation.
  • 🎧30-minute video lesson to work with the guide.
  • 🎁Bonus: Blank flashcard template to customize your study sessions a tu gusto.


This kit will set you up with a solid Spanish foundation, making it easier to catch on when Argentines chat with you. Before you know it, you’ll feel more confident and sound natural in conversations.



I WANT TO SURVIVE! 💪Where Do I Start?

Brace yourself because you and me are going on a quest!

Our Mission

Together, we’ll explore different talking scenarios you might face when engaging with natives. In each scenario, our mission is to find out what’s the most natural thing to say for a smooth conversation. We’ll break this mission into 3 steps.

Step 1

Step 1: Download the guide below and keep it handy 👇

The 50 Most Important Argentine Expressions for Beginners

Step 2

Step 2: Watch the 30 minute lesson below 👇

Step 3

Step 3: Get your flashcards.

Flashcards are a highly effective study tool for language learning, especially when it comes to remembering multiple Spanish expressions.

Here are two reasons why they work wonders:

✅Active participation: With flashcards, you have to be involved. You can’t just look at them; you need to actively try to remember the answer.

✅Quick feedback: When you flip a flashcard, you instantly know if you got it right. This helps you learn better and fix mistakes immediately.

So, you guessed it, our final step in this quest is to download the flashcards and put them to use.

Download the deck of flashcards, print them, and put your memory to the test. Repeat this step as often as needed.

🆒Click here to download your deck of flashcards



Una última cosa… (One last thing)

Below you’ll find a bonus blank flashcard template. Use it to customize your study sessions and focus on the expressions you need the most.



eso es todo


You’ve achieved another milestone in your language learning journey!


If you have any questions about this kit, please email me to 💌