Spanish for Traveling Lesson I Worksheets


Most of my students wanted to learn Spanish for traveling. The majority of them travel for work or pleasure on a yearly basis. Learning Spanish for travel can be just as challenging as studying for an oral exam at school.

These were my students’ biggest concerns:

  • Sounding stupid,
  • not being able to have meaningful conversations with locals,
  • not understanding natives,
  • failing to form sentences correctly,
  • mispronouncing,
  • not knowing enough words in Spanish.

Another major problem

There was another major problem that most Spanish students still have. Resources that teach Spanish for traveling are scarce. There are lots of guides with useful Spanish sentences for travel, but those are hard to remember. Moreover, student books for language learning generally cover multiple topics. Travel is only covered in a few pages, which is not very helpful.

The solution to the Spanish for traveling problem

I decided to create my own lesson material to teach basic Spanish for travelers. These worksheets cover 90 minutes of class. The goals of this lesson are for the student to learn Spanish phrases for travelers, practice speaking, reading, listening and writing. I created this resource for beginners who want to start learning Spanish for travel from scratch. This resource is a PDF that can be printed or used digitally, you can take it with you anywhere you want. Click the image below to check it out!

This material is lesson 1 of a series of 3 lessons of basic Spanish for travelers. Click here to see the BUNDLE


This resource’s got 22 pages that include 

  • Lesson goals: 
    • Aprender vocabulario sobre viajes
    • Hablar de viajes en presente
    • Revisar los verbos en presente
  • Read and match
  • Vocabulary: basic Spanish for travelers
  • Questions to answer about travel
  • Means of transport: Spanish sentences for travel
  • Video of Argentina’s landscapes, followed by a TRUE or FALSE exercise
  • 20 verbs related to traveling, includes link to blog post
  • Fill in the blanks with verbs in the present tense
  • Questions to answer about which destination do you prefer and tell me about your next trip

I hope this helps you! I am here if you want to take it easy and enjoy your Spanish learning journey! Comment below if you are interested in learning Spanish for traveling.


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