Shopping Spanish Vocabulary to Win Over Customers for Black Friday

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Black Friday is just around the corner, so I’d like to dedicate this post about shopping Spanish vocabulary to Spanish students who are also business owners. 

If you own an online business that sells worldwide or a business in a country where Spanish is the second language, translating your store into Spanish will increase your sales exponentially. 

Are you learning Spanish for business? Learn shopping Spanish vocabulary to grow your business for this upcoming Black Friday. 

Basic shopping vocabulary in Spanish 

Let’s begin with the most basic Spanish shopping words: compra and venta

A sale is known as “una venta”, this word is a noun. The seller is called “el vendedor” or “la vendedora”. Lastly, the verb to sell is “vender”: yo vendo, vos vendés, él vende, nosotros vendemos, ustedes venden. 

On the other hand, the purchase is “la compra”. The purchaser is “el comprador” or “la compradora”. Lastly, the verb to purchase is comprar”: yo compro, vos comprás, ella compra, nosotras compramos, ustedes compran.

How do you say shopping cart in Spanish?

Before we purchase something online, we can add items to the shopping cart. In Spanish we get a button that reads “agregar al carrito”. 

El carrito de compras” is the shopping cart in Spanish. To add an item we click on “agregar al carrito” and to remove it we click on “eliminar del carrito”. 

When we are ready to pay, we click on the button that reads “comprar” or “pagar” or “proceder al pago” (there are multiple translations out there).   

Most common Spanish shopping words during sales

Your Spanish shopping vocabulary is incomplete if you don’t know the words “descuentos” and “rebajas”. Sale in Spanish is “rebajas” and discount is “descuento”. 

The phrase to get an exclusive discount translates as “obtener un descuento exclusivo” in Spanish. An important detail: while in English you say “up to 50% discount on something”, in Spanish we say hasta un 50% de descuento en algo. Don’t skip “de” between the percentage and the word “descuento”.  

Another popular term is “aprovechar”, which means “to take advantage of something”. Most advertising campaigns included the phrase “aprovechá los descuentos” or “aprovechá las rebajas”.  

Offering discounts for Black Friday in Spanish

Lowering prices a little for this upcoming Black Friday can help you boost your business. Imagine having your shopping cart also available in Spanish. This would help you reach more than a few million extra buyers!

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The ideal shopping Spanish vocabulary list for this Black Friday must include words like:

  • compra, 
  • venta, 
  • rebajas, 
  • descuentos exclusivos, 
  • agregar al carrito, 
  • and eliminar del carrito. 

Don’t forget to include some phrases with the verb “aprovechar” such as “aprovechá los descuentos exclusivos”. 

What words or phrases did you learn from this post? Leave a comment below. 

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