4 Short Spanish Halloween Stories to Improve Listening Skills

Enhancing language skills can be both enjoyable and festive, especially when combined with the spooky charm of Halloween. Incorporating Spanish Halloween stories into language learning not only captures the spirit of the season but also provides a fantastic opportunity to improve listening skills. 

In this blog post, I’d like to share with you four different Halloween-themed short stories, that have helped my students enhance their comprehension skills while getting into the Halloween spirit. I’ll also be linking the resources that include not only the stories but also an interactive listening comprehension exercise for self-assessment. 

4 Halloween Short Stories in Spanish to Practice Listening Skills

Make sure to listen to all of these and tell me in the comments what was your favorite story! For the listening comprehension activities, keep reading the blog post. 

Calabazas al viento

Escucha by Melany di leva

El fantasma bromista

Escucha 3 by Melany di leva

Un vecino misterioso

Escucha 2 by Melany di leva

Urban Legend: La dama de blanco

Featured in an old blog post: La Dama de Blanco, una leyenda urbana de Buenos Aires

Using the Spanish Halloween Stories Bundle

Did you enjoy those stories? I hope so! I wrote them and recorded them myself. The first three stories are all included in my Spanish Halloween Stories Bundle. This bundle is designed to elevate students’ listening skills in an engaging and interactive manner. Click here to SAVE $5.40 dollars on this amazing Halloween bundle. 

With this comprehensive practice, students listen to three different Halloween-themed Spanish short stories (the ones above). Following each story, they must answer 15 true or false questions, adding up to a total of 45 questions across the three stories. This practice comes in both digital and printable formats using Google Forms, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Click here to SAVE $5.40 dollars on this amazing Halloween bundle. 

Or you may get these comprehension exercises individually below:

How to Practice Listening Spanish in 5 Simple Steps:

1. Preparation with a Short Glossary: Prior to listening to the stories, students read a short glossary provided, preparing them for the vocabulary they’ll encounter.

2. Engaging in Spanish Listening: Students then engage in Spanish listening through a provided video link. The stories are narrated by a native Argentinian, myself, enhancing authenticity.

3. Answering True or False Questions: Following each story, students answer 15 true or false questions related to the content, assessing their comprehension.

4. Immediate Self-Grading: The beauty of this practice lies in its self-grading feature. As soon as students complete and submit the form, their scores appear immediately, promoting independent learning. Therefore, if you’re a student reading this blog post, know that this resource is perfect for solo-learning as well. 

5. Exploring the Transcription: After submitting the form, students can delve further into the material by reading the transcription of the story.

What’s Included Within This Resource

My Spanish Halloween Stories Bundle includes:

– Three bilingual glossaries

– Three short stories narrated by a native Argentinian (link provided)

– Listening comprehension exercises

– True or false questions

– Final question to further discuss the topic

– Transcripts of the stories

– Automatic grading for immediate feedback

“La Dama de Blanco” Listening Comprehension Activity

Click here to access the listening comprehension activity for only $2. This ready-to-use digital tool is designed to enhance students’ Spanish reading, listening, and speaking abilities while immersing them in the rich culture of Argentina. Engaging with a blog post titled “La Dama de Blanco, una leyenda urbana de Buenos Aires”, this resource was crafted using Google Docs and is particularly suitable for remote learning.

Here’s how it operates:

1. Students will commence by listening to an audio recording of the blog post, with a provided link. They can use a designated space to jot down key words and ideas from the recording.

2. Following the listening exercise, students will proceed to read the blog post and independently search for unfamiliar words in a dictionary.

3. At the end of the blog post, students will discover thought-provoking questions designed to stimulate further discussion on the topic.

4. Finally, students will engage in a reading comprehension exercise to assess their understanding of the material.

This comprehensive resource includes:

– A link to the blog post recording for listening comprehension

– The written blog post text

– A set of questions to facilitate in-depth discussions on the subject

– A reading comprehension exercise

– An answer key for assessment purposes

Click here to access the listening comprehension activity for only $2.


In conclusion, infusing *Spanish Halloween stories* into language learning creates an immersive and exciting experience for students. By utilizing the provided resources, students can improve their listening skills while engaging with Halloween-themed content. This comprehensive practice not only offers language enhancement but also a touch of Halloween magic to the learning journey. ¡Feliz Noche de Brujas!

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